1. The Exhibition - Spring House, 40/44 Holloway Road, London N7 8JL.

    12-18 Sept 2013


  2. Anonymous said: hi Alessandra whats your email- we met last night but I forgot to take a card im hoping to send details on filming on Monday! excellent tumblr btw- ive shared on twitter


    Thank you very much for getting in touch and for sharing my blog. My email address is mail@alessandraconti.net


  3. Serrapetrona shoes: leather dyed with Vernaccia of Serrapetrona 


  4. Offida shoes: with handmade bobbin lace


  5. Force shoes: with handmade copper toe caps.


  6. Castelfidardo shoes: inspired by Castelfidardo’s accordion


  7. The minibooks.


  8. The project journal. 


  9. Shoe Info printed on handmade Fabriano paper.


  10. Back to London..